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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Twice in one day!

I’ve been contemplating writing about this for a while and have been ummming and ahhhhing and have decided to finally post something on the topic of Transfigure. You see, I'm interested in politics. But disheartened with it all.

To start with, my problem is that I’m confused. I’m confused as to what really is going on. You see, as far as my law knowledge goes, if it is indeed a ‘gift’ then the PNP technically have done nothing wrong. Until we face issues of funding political parties and pass some legislation, then there is nothing to say that they can’t take gifts. However, yes they are on iffy ground taking a 'gift' just before a contract is renewed.

Of course, ideally we don’t want our politicians to owe anyone anything. But being realistic, unless they are funded from public funds, they are going to have to take money from the private sector.

We need to set up laws that say that all donations over X amounts need to be declared. That we can or cannot accept donations from foreign. That companies giving money can or cannot get state contracts.

But the other side that no one seems to be mentioning is that JLP has been campaigning big style for months now. Where is that money coming from? Is it just that they have better bank contacts that mean that nothing about their donations gets leaked?

I’m still confused though. I feel that having one party in power for so long isn’t good for democracy. They become settled and they feel they can get away with anything. A change is good, new ideas, shakes everyone up, prevents complacency. But at the same time, the JLP have done absolutely nothing to convince me to vote for them. They have not said a word about any policies they’d introduce. They say they’d spend more on education and health, but not said how or where it would come from. Instead, they seem happy to just go on allegations and accusals.

I hope that we deserve better. I have a dream that these elections will actually revolve around what is good for the nation, what they would do with power, how they would help us. Give us some concrete ideas rather than just ‘we’ll fix it.’ Because lots of bad things happen in Jamaica that need facing. But also, lots of good things happen in Jamaica. I’d love to hear the JLP say that we think PNP has done X badly and Y well so we will change X by doing this and we’ll keep Y.

I’ve registered to vote and my vote is up for grabs. I just hope that someone can convince me to vote for them using a positive reason, rather than relying on the cass cass.


  • At 4:37 pm, Anonymous cooldestiny said…

    I disagree with one statement you made. One thing that the JLP has said and committed to (not that their word means shit) is constitutional reform. Now, that is a tall order and I don't believe they can achieve it in one term in office. However, this is the direction Jamaica needs to go in if we want things to get better. This will pave the way for improved legislation and guidelines as it relates to donations to political parties, granting of contracts, etc.

    Let's be realistic. Corruption will NEVER be eliminated. As I say, as long as we can see meaningful economic growth, povery decline, employment opportunities increased, good education and health systems, acceptable standard of living, etc, I'm sure the masses would say to hell with the corruption for the most part.

    I also believe that voters are now more aware and also the more educated in our society (like myself) who have abstained from voting in the past, has made sure to get enumerated to be able to cast their ballot next election.

  • At 5:15 pm, Blogger Leon said…

    Trafigura my dear. I won't vote at all. I don't like either of them. Yes there should be a law governing campaign spending, but the PNP's just trying to look "conscientious."

  • At 6:19 pm, Blogger Melody said…

    How I've been hearin' it, JLP reportedly aimin' at free secondary education, universal healthcare (increased central subsidies), & constitutional reform -- now they'll prob'ly add campaign finance reform. Mek dem try. But arrogance, defiance, attack-as-defence, outright lies, focus on questionably fundin' conference instead o' throwin' a scrap at de starved social sectors -- I'd definitely give de JLP a chance right about now.

  • At 7:42 pm, Blogger Gela's Words said…

    No KG, it's not that's it's just a gift. That's how parties normally fund their campaign, by gifts from the private sector. But this Trafigura (not Transfigure :) thing looks suspiciously like a kickback. When you look at the fact that Trafigura benefits from a contract that doesn't go to tender (no transparency) it appears from the surface that PNP is being paid off for ensuring that the company maintains that lucrative contract. And that is why the funding is questionable. That's the problem. That's why there are international laws governing all this. You notice how fast Trafigura issued a statement saying that they didn't give to any political party? Cuz they could get in trouble for this. They could be in contravention of OECD rules relating to this.

    If I have a private company overseas, happen to be good friends with the PM herself, knows that she's in the middle of an election campaign, my company does no business with the government or doesn't seem to benefit from any preferential treatment (as in being awarded a contract that didn't go to tender), and I decide to give her a small gift, I don't claim to be very conversant with international laws, but I doubt very much that it would be problem.

    In the case of Trafigura it could be said that they got preferential treatment with their 'evergreen' contract. Was that the reason why they were so generous?

    So that's what made the donation 'wrong'

  • At 7:51 pm, Blogger Gela's Words said…

    And KG, you made a point. That a party in power too long becomes convinced that they have a right to it, and they become arrogant. That's a good reason to vote for the other party if you have nothing else. You notice how quick they PNP were to lash anyone who questioned their action.

    I understand your confusion though, I got enumerated just for Portia. I figure that since Portia being leader doesn't make a difference I might as well try the other party. One, see what they have to offer, two, solve the problem of one party being in power too long - and we can see where that has gotten out of hand.

    I just think if we give the JLP a chance, after 2 terms if we're not doing better as a country, we throw them out before they get too comfortable and arrogant.

    MY vote is certainly not guaranteed to any party. They need to damn well work for it.

  • At 11:32 am, Blogger Guyana-Gyal said…

    Now I'm more puzzled...what's the difference between donation and gift. I must find the Gleaner or Observer and read about the whole thing.

    At least you can all discuss politics openly...even if I hint of it on my blog [about Guyana] I get cussed...a sort of threat, telling me to shut up or else...

    I'd vote for any party that wants to push education and enterprise.

  • At 2:10 pm, Blogger Kingston Girl said…

    Trafigura / Transfigure

    That's what i get for blindly agreeing to the spell check!

  • At 3:12 pm, Blogger damanimichael said…

    the only time jamaica going reach anywhere is when the parties get the cojones to form a unity government. free education, constitutional reform, why sounds like pnp in 1998 and 2002. the jlp now sound like the pnp and the pnp sound like the jlp, isn't it more likely that the policies are just not that far off. why must there be animosity between the parties?? ahh well, one can dream can't they...

  • At 4:30 pm, Blogger aarond said…

    Shaping up to be a crazy election. Thanks for stopping by my blog, but I must ask: what kind of picture should I have posted? or was it a type of thong? or finally a type of guy?

  • At 4:57 pm, Blogger Kingston Girl said…

    Red thongs on men tend not to be a good idea. Especially men who need a tan. And who have skinny arses.

  • At 8:26 pm, Blogger Irie Latino said…

    Thongs on any man is a bad idea. That's just my opinion. I made a mistake on Portia. I supported her because I believed her victory would somehow uplift us at a time when we needed it. Here was someone who came from nothing who became Prime Minister and was a woman. I thought this was something that would be a great motivating factor for people. The PNP has always won victories by utilizing some kind of "vision". Manley did it in the 70s and they did it in the late 80s with "We put people first" which Jamaicans preferred to the superficial sounding "It Takes Cash To Care" JLP slogan. Unfortunately, the PNP's performance has always betrayed their vision. Portia's non-performance is quickly eroding whatever her rise to the Prime Ministership may have stood for.
    And what of the JLP? Almost two decades of crying down the PNP but without any viable sounding option or explanation as to why they would do better. And why should we have believed that they would have managed the country better when they could not manage their own individual and party affairs. Someone mentioned that they promise constitutional change. Well, Bruce Golding promised it. But let's not forget that a lot of the guys in the party didn't like him or support his ideas. They brought him back because they felt he could help them win. How will their real feelings about him play out when he tries to push his agenda. And as a former NDN member, I find it hard to forget how he abandoned a party for the sake of political expediency that we helped him create to push constitutional change.
    So, both parties provide us with very "sucky" options. The solution...like I've always said...is to push both of them to do the right things through constructive protest actions, lobbying, being more vocal and forming more political action groups like Jamaicans For Justice. This type of action will be stronger than any vote. Let them realize that the office they are elected to is no piece of cake and that they will be elected to serve their country and not their party. And by the way...let us make sure too...that when a politician resigns...he or she stays resigned! I think they believe resignation means recess.

  • At 8:43 pm, Blogger Melody said…

    OK, Latino, but inna de meantime yu noh haffe vote fi somebody! Even if U choose not to choose, U'll still have made a choice. Every-ting U've said is legit, but still make it count!

  • At 8:58 pm, Blogger Irie Latino said…

    Well I have voted in every election since 1989. And I will vote again because a choice always has to be made. I'm just saying that I think it is time to put more pressure pon all of dem.

  • At 10:18 pm, Blogger Gela's Words said…

    True wud Irie, true wud. But let's give the PNP a chance to reflect on their actions by giving them a little time out. Lawd, I sound like I'm campaigning now to hell. But I'm so tired of them that I feel like hitting the campaign trail.
    What's all this talk about a man in thong? Now I have to go check aarond's blog.

    GG are you serious about not being able to discuss?

  • At 8:29 am, Blogger Ri said…


    A secret donation to a political party by a company (especially a foreign one) which has a contract with the government is wrong because it is tantamount to a bribe, possibly to induce the govt. to continue this sweetheart of a contract that Trafigura has (Jamaica receives relatively little from it).

    In the international financial markets, bank secrecy was never intended to conceal impropriety, so all of those who are crying foul about bank secrecy, you are defending impropriety, and worse, criminality.

  • At 8:54 am, Blogger Kingston Girl said…

    I never said that what they did was right - I'm just saying that technically they never broke any laws as far as has been proven yet.

    And while I don't like that, I have to admit to being jaded by politics so that that just appears to be nothing out of the ordinary for me.

    And yes, I'd love to see a difference somewhere someday and I'll be with Irie doing what I can in my little ways!

  • At 3:49 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    What you guys are experiencing so have we in Trinidad. It seems all the Caribbean Politicians are cut out of the same cloth.
    Manning in Trinidad is promising constitutional reform as so has Mr. Panday of the UNC. It is never a dull moment with them.
    Like Kingston Girl has said when they are in power too long the arrogance fairly drips from them.
    And with the price of Oil being high and our economy being Oil & Gas based it seems they can do no wrong. But interesting things happen all the time.
    We have had 2 MP's coming up before the courts for bribery...
    We shall see.

  • At 8:10 pm, Blogger Gela's Words said…

    They all went to UWI, they probably gather all the aspiring politicians in a class call 'ginalship 101'

  • At 9:18 am, Blogger Dr. D. said…

    KG, you must exercise your right to vote. Though both Ps have demonstrated in the past that they can both do wrongs, it is time that the present government realizes that the country cannot allow them to just sit down and do as they please, term, after term. Make a choice and go for change. As Gela says, if that fails then throw them out after a time t as well....not four terms in office.

    Like I have said elsewhere, those who do not vote as they think that both parties are no better are just as much a part of the problem, than trying to help create a solution. These are the same ones who keep lamenting when things get screwy. You ask if they voted...'no'. I say to them, well, in that case, you have no real grounds to talk. Just suck up whatever happens....as you did nothing to induce a change.

  • At 8:26 pm, Blogger Kingston Girl said…

    Have no doubt - I will be voting. Am also thinking of volunteering with EOJ that day as well. I am justnot sure yet who I am voting for - and I am really hoping that someone will convince me to vote FOR them, rather than merely voting AGAINST someone!

  • At 11:17 pm, Blogger Gela's Words said…

    I volunteered to work and did so the last election. Not interested in doing that again though.

  • At 11:40 am, Anonymous Marissa Bustamante said…

    Voting for change, for the sake of change? Where have I heard that before?

    Dear Lord! That has to be perhaps the worst reason for choosing a candidate. I thought people had learned that lesson when they initially chose Michael Manley for that very reason, among other misguided ones. But, then again, this is Jamaica where lessons are NEVER learned and the same mistakes are repeated again and again. e.g. Manley's re-election in '89. Oonoo cyan learn!?!?!?

    Complacency and entitlement are certainly bad traits in any party and corruption is unacceptable but, I feel that you should choose whomever you feel is the best candidate. You should never choose just for the sake of change.

  • At 11:33 am, Blogger Marlon James said…

    My fear for Jamaica is not that it will get better or worse but stay the same forever. I'm pretty sure that is what will happen. I ask myself again and again how far must the Jamaican be outraged before he or she hold politicians accountable. It hasn't happened yet so the question remains unanswered for now. There are people who hate the term "third world" but that is exactly what we are, a country and a people trapped in the triumvirate of politics, bureaucracy and corruption, the latter making millionaires every day. It's strange country, with skyrocketing unemployment, but expatriates arriving by the hundreds every month for jobs that Jamaicans can do. But back to politics. Bad times are good times for somebody and right now the worst of times is the best of times for far too many.

  • At 3:56 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    My sentiments exactly Marlon. Trinidad has the same thing. We celebrated the Bi-centinal of Chinese arriving in Trindad and on that day one of the television stations ran a piece on imported chinese labourers working during the holiday. When the camera got close to them not one said they spoke english. Not one of our Trade Unions said anything. How can we have imported Chinese labourers doing the jobs that Trinidadians can do ??
    They were mixing cement. They were not engineers.....very strange things are afoot.

  • At 9:20 pm, Blogger Mad Bull said…

    Guyana Gyal is talking the truth, only, I wonder how they know who she is? Maybe She could probably do it if she only bloged from an Internet Cafe, or maybe she could email out the post to a friend who could post it for her.

  • At 12:13 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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    The monarchical system of the Old World closley replicates the heirarchical system of the god's, Cousel/Management Team/ruling species, which is why most of the purebloods around the world were blessed with it. The USA's democratic system deceives people into thinking they have control, and the perception of "freedom" gives the Counsel/Management Team the ability to position by justifying instructing Artificial Intelligence to create disfunctions:::a perception of empowerment, etc. The god's efforts to spread democracy through the platform that is the United States are attempts to hurt disfavored people around the world (Korea, Vietnam, Iraq). The redeeming element in this environment is employment within the corporate heirarchy, which closely replicates the god's. Unions and government jobs are dumping grounds for the disfavored, for they don't prepare people and instead further this misconception of empowerment.
    Corporate is not representation. Corporate is evil. All corporate entities have favor and, like the United States redwhite&blue, are tools of the gods used to hurt the disfavored left behind, and the clonesofclonesofclones, puppets at the helm do as instructed and prey on the disfavored. They just position some organizations as more evil than others.
    Corporate is part of a structural change in the Age of the Disfavored that became more pronounced as time wore on. Corporate, an environment where a level of materialism is EXPECTED, is part of the problem, for materialism is an evil preached against in the Old Testiment and yet another way to incurr evil on the disfavored left behind. Nobody is going to save you:::: Jesus isn't going to save his followers, stores/manufacturers aren't going to save their loyal customers (NEVER shop exclusively in one place, never put all your eggs in one basket. It really doesn't matter for the gods control everything and it is merely for positioning's sake but it may be a test of intelligence.), employers aren't going to save their employees, etc. These are delay tactics designed to pacifiy people and ensure they don't find the path and instead get limited time.
    Only you can save yourselves through an improved relationship with the gods.
    The United States is a cancer, a dumping ground for the disfavored around the world and why the quality of life is so much lower::gun violence, widespead social ills, health care (medication poisons the body and ensures you don't go. You are sick/injured because you have disfavor.).
    Over time its citizens interbreed ensuring a severed connection to the motherland.
    Over time its citizens interbreed ensuring a severed connection to the motherland.
    If you are a recent immigrant I recommend you return. If that's not possible you need to retain your culture and insulate your children and community from this cancerous environment. They send this clue with Chinatowns across the country, how many Chinese have been here for a century or more yet still retain the old ways, a sign of favor.

    People came to the Unites States for many different reasons, and each has its own effect:::political strife, religious beliefs, crop failure (Ireland's potato famine, which the gods caused) and some left their beloved motherland because they were pushed into desiring a better life::::Greed, and these disfavored people were punished when the gods instructed AI to push them into becoming corrupted and preditory. They subsequently rewarded the corrupted Italians so as to set the tone for the 20th century, the Age of the Disfavored, and used them to set an example for their people and other disfavoreds within the United States. The gods sent this clue about "the boot" (the Romans/Italians) again when European currencies merged:::::they ruined the value of the Lira prior, making the other countries foot this bill. Moral of the story::::The Italians are not to be trusted.
    Contrary to the perception, Italians have great disfavor, as do all inflicted with Catholicism:::I wonder if this was their punishment for the sins of the Roman Empire, the imperialism, the orgies??? Opera's sick themes were designed to corrupt the minds of the disfavored Italians. Once you recognize this I want to share that the Japanese also are grossly disfavored::they nearly produce distractions exclusively, their people are consumed by them, they have replaced their culture. Also baseball is a clue a society is grossly disfavored.
    Cultures who embrace hard liquor as their drink of choice are grossly disfavored, tequilla being uniquely Mexican (Anything "hard" is wicked:::Hard alcohol, hard drugs, all porn.) or those who have a passion for drinking (Irish). Incidentally, another sign of gross disfavor are societies that consume spicy foods (Latin America, Thai, etc.), those who eat too much meat, engage in human sacrifice, ones who tattoo or pierce their bodies or those who celebrate evil (Celtic). Contrary to what disfavored people believe, these peoples are not "earning" when they inflict their evil on others. Rather it is the source of their disfavor because the gods are scapegoatting them by hurting others with their problems. Those who believe they are earning have become corrupted!!!
    The gods used "The Boot" twice, suggesting they are open to the idea of recycling::: Beem the structures and people off earth (into a star), beem out toxic waste and re-colonize the planet??? "Source planets" require a investment and they may prefer to maximize its return.

    If you ever have doubt I would refer you to the Old World way of life:::the elders used to sit and impart wisdom to the young. Now we watch DVDs and use the internet. People would be matched and married by age 14. They village would use a matchmaker or elders to pair young people. Now girls give their precious virginity away to some person in school and parents divorce while their children grow up without an important role model. The people used to honor the gods and were rewarded with a high-quality of life for them, their children and their society. Now we have a deteriorating society on a collision course with the Apocalypse.

    There are many examples throughout 20th century life of how they instilled distractions into society so people wouldn't find the path and ascend, a way to justify excluding those whose family history makes them undesirable:::materialism, radio, sports, movies, popular music, television, video games, the internet, shopping. Today high pay creates contentment/ability to distract self so people don't seek more, hesitant to receive contradicting possibilities, depend on what they are told, subject to deception in a captive environment.
    They gods (Counsel/Management Team/ruling species) have deteriorated life on earth precipitously in the last 40 years, from a godless society to abortion to pornography, widespread drug use and widespread casual (gay) sex, single-parent households, latchkey kids and the masculinization of women (and hence (full) women's prisons (Up until the past four decades it was the men who filled the prisons, the men who made trouble, the men who caused problems.), participatory sports, etc. Women are favored, are the element of decency, and as they become more like the men the society becomes more disfavored, goes downhill, as we are witnessing.). The earth's elders, hundreds and thousands of years old, are disgusted and have become indifferent.
    The Biblical account of Noah's flood was regional to the disfavored Mediterrean (water levels lowered because of the ice age, habitation ocurred at seaside), peoples whom the gods scapegoatted when they pushed them into the evil that justified the flood, behavior similar to that which we are witnessing today. Because they have leveled the playing field for all people (purebloods and mongrels) in the decades prior to the 21st century is a clue they will end globally this time (westernization, materialism, immigration/interracial, homosexual, access to disturbing media, desensitization, etc).
    The clues all suggest a very telling conclusion::this is Earth's end stage, and there are signs tectonic plate subduction would be the method of disposal:::Earth’s axis will shift breaking continental plates free and initiating mass subduction. Much as Italy's boot and the United States shaped like a workhorse (with a fat ass) are clues, so is the planet Uranus a clue, its axis rotated on its side. Edgar Cayce was a tool of the gods, picking winners for and costing the disfavored Italians gangsters of the 20th century when he prophecized subduction being the method of disposal.
    Global warming should alarm people for it is a clue telling of the bleak future of Planet Earth.
    The Bible says fire will be our demise this time. Both subduction and "beemed to the center of a star" fit this description:::::
    The gods used "The Boot" (Italy) twice (Roman Empire and 20th century), suggesting the gods are open to the idea of recycling::: Beem the structures and people off earth (into a star), beem out toxic waste and re-colonize the planet??? "Source planets" require a investment and they may prefer to maximize its return.
    Could they have already recycled earth before?

    The Mayans were specific 2012 would be the end. How long after our emergency call in 2001 will the gods allow us???
    How long after our emergency call in 2001 will the gods allow us???
    How long after our emergency call in 2001 will the gods allow us???
    The gods wrote prophecy in Revelation, had subsequent prophets foresee Earth's demise for good reason:::they are going to end on Planet Earth.
    What else are they lying to you about? What else are they lying to you about?
    What else are they lying to you about? What else are they lying to you about?
    What else are they lying to you about? What else are they lying to you about?
    What else are they lying to you about? What else are they lying to you about?
    When people are saved at the end it will be clones and clonesofclonesofclones, not the disfavored people who have problems who were deceived/pushed into carrying on like they were "made guys".
    My message illustrating the path may be the disfavored's last clue. All clues before have been more covert but this one is quite obvious indeed, which says time is running out.
    Whereas Christopher Columbus marked the beginning of the end, the Holocaust marked the beginning of the final act, and it is a tragedy.

    People must defy when asked to engage in evil. The Holocaust taught people the importance of defiance::our great grandparents should have defied when asked to ignore the Holocaust and instead reacted with outrage. I suspect some did::many were silenced while others they hustled off earth so as to not set an example. Now the gods have used that incident to justify punishing that generation's decendants by ruining society.
    People will never get a easier clue suggesting the importance of defiance than the order not to pray. Their precious babies are dependant on the parents and they need to defy when asked to betray their children:::
    -DON'T get your sons circumcized (Jews scapegoatted as they were in WWII (like justification, scapegoatting a recurring theme:::Scapegoatting as a matter of policy). I wonder if Jews were scattered around Europe as a clue to Christians like the Amish in the United States today.)
    -DON'T have their children baptized in the Catholic Church or indoctrinated into Christianity (Jesus is NOT a god. Jesus teaches us the right way to think. The gods are not forgiving or begnign. They are vindictive and will punish you if you do something wrong.).
    -DON'T ignore long hair or other behavioral disturbances.
    -DO teach your children love, respect for others, humility and to honor the gods.
    -DO teach your children about the power within the god's possession, if not directly then indirectly.
    And when you refuse a request defy the right way, withdrawn and frightened, for you don't want to incite them by reacting inappropriately.

    You need to pray, honor and respect them multiple times every day to improve your relationship with the gods. If they tell you not to pray it is a bad sign. It means they've made their decision, they don't want you to go and they don't want to be bothered. You may have achieved a threshold of evil. This is the Age of the Disfavored and you need to pray:::::Attone for the things you've done wrong. Try to appease the gods by doing good deeds and improve the world around you. Focus on becoming "Christ-like". Apply yourself to your children for I think this is the single best way for adults to try to redeem themselves in the eyes of the gods. Hopefully you can reearn enough favor to be allowed to pray. Otherwise you need to defy if you are to repair your relationship with the gods and give yourself a chance at significant time, not just a handful of decades.
    Otherwise you need to defy if you are to repair your relationship with the gods and give yourself a chance at significant time, not just a handful of decades.
    If you are a clone, if you have "seen", you more than anybody should honor the gods for you know their great power:::you have seen it firsthand. They share that they prefer most clones not to pray and segment them like they do disfavoreds left behind, for it will limit the time they will receive, JUST LIKE THEY DO TO TYPICAL DISFAVOREDS!!! The gods deceive them to achieve this, for fresh clones are easily misled, setting them in the wrong direction and compelling these individuals into a pattern that excludes honoring their creator.
    When your peasant forefather was granted the rare opportunity to go before his royal family he went on his knees, bowing his head, humbled and frightened. You need to do this when you address the gods::bow down and submit to good. Never cast your eyes skyward. When you bow down you need to look within. Never look to the gods for you have the key to your own salvation. Remain silent and never address the gods directly. Practice patience and wait for them to address you:::never speak unless you are spoken to.
    Nobody is going to do it for you. People need to save THEMSELVES by improving THEIR relationship with the gods.
    Lack of humility hurts people, and the "empowering" environment that is the United States is used to justify instructing AI to amplify this problem. Understand your insignificance and make sure it is reflected in the way you think when addressing the gods. You are but a grain of sand on a vast beach, a drop in the ocean that is the universe. They are great and powerful and angry. Know your place, understand your inferiority and be afraid. They allowed (granted) you life and they can take it just as easily. (Immaculte conception IS true AND COMMON. Many people have children they don't know of:::gays, childless adults, etc. They can beem it right out of your body and use a host.)
    You are not cool. Too many young men strive for cool and it hurts them, as does all things targetted to males (professional sports, video games, beer, vehicle racing, heavy metal rock, cursing, etc.). Be afraid and make sure you think the right way when you address them daily. Too many people are deceived by this casual enviornment they create in people's minds with Artificial Intelligence today. This does people a great disservice and it hurts them in the eyes of the gods. Try to eliminate it and avoid allowing it back once you have. Be very reverent and respectful whenever you address them.
    Don't get frustrated or discouraged::these are techniques they will attempt to try to get you off the path. You all have much to be thankful for and you need to give thanks to the gods who granted you the good things in life::friends, family, love. Your family may be grossly disfavored and progress may require patience. Make praying an intregal part of your life which you perform without fail, one that comes as naturally as eating or conception. Accept your new life and be devoted because if you have doubt or reservation they will exploit this weakness and progress will take longer to achieve, the "testing" phase will be extended.
    The gods will employ many tactics to keep people off the path, such as distractions. They will employ many more to get them off, such as thinking through the disfavored and making them frustrated, perhaps engaging in retailiation. They may try to force you back into old patterns/routines, an addiction like smoking or when you felt weekly church attendance was sufficient. Asking you not to be gay immediately is a tactic to prevent you from finding/following the path. Be resigned, be devoted and this testing period will be as brief as your disfavor will allow.
    There are many interesting experiences up on the planetary systems, from Planet Miracle, where miracles happen every day, to peaked (heightened) senses, never having to use the restroom again (beem it out of you), other body experiences, such as experiencing life as the opposite sex (revolutionizes marriage counseling), an Olympic gold medal athelete or even a different species (animal, alien, etc). They can maintain the disfavored's current age, a motivation to fix your problems and get out as soon as possible so you can stay young for as long as your relationship with the gods allows you to live.
    Stay young for as long as your relationship with the gods allows you to live.
    Stay young for as long as your relationship with the gods allows you to live.
    Pray that you can differentiate between your own thoughts and when Artificial Intelligence creates problems by thinking through you. If you bow down mentally and physically, know your place, your inferiority and allow your insignificance to be reflected in prayer and in your life through humility they may allow progress and the disfunctions they create with the computer will be lessened or removed. The first step is to be aware it is ocurring.
    Create a goal::to be a good, god-fearing child of the gods, pure of heart and mind, body and soul.
    Everybody has the key to their own salvation, but nobody can do it for you. Every journey begins with a single step:::bow down and submit to good. There are many different levels and peasants will not get past Level 2 (Planet Temptation, Earth=Level 1) if they are evil (they share some go up, are offered free cocaine and sex (a sign they don't want you to stay) and stay less then one year. They share many others would have had longer lives had they stayed on Earth.). Also the time you receive will be drastically reduced:::your life's course will have costed you a chance at immortality.
    Much like temptation, Edgar Cayce's prognostications effectivly served as "the rope" for the disfavored Italians whom sought his predictions::::Money is not an issue on the level above Level 2, and "something for nothing" behavior will exclude you, as will behavior such as using (unreasonable) coupons, buying on sale exclusively, supermarkets as ATMs, gambling for gain instead of fun, overeating at buffets, etc.

    It is important that you begin praying now. Evil is a slippery slope::once you start punishment begins to escallate. If you defy early there may be no retribution but as you continue to committ evil there will be until the point where you can no longer stand it::::If the gods hurt you when you defy it is punishment for the evil you've comitted, necessary since you're interesting in pursuing god's favor.
    Pray for guidance and never obey when they tell you to be evil, for saving yourself will become more and more difficult with each act of evil you committ until ultimatly the day arrives when they make their decision about you final.
    It's important that people fix their problems and ascend with the body given to them, for they say if your brain is beemed out at death and put into a clone host you are on the clock.

    Throughout history the ruling species bestowed favor upon people or cursed their bloodline into a pattern of disfavor for many generations to come. Now in the 21st century people must take it upon themselves to try to correct their family's problems, undoing centuries worth of abuse and neglect. The goal is to fix your problems and get out while you are still young::::
    1. Before children become corrupted (Halloween & Christmas (among others), get out via parents)
    2. Before you lose your virginity/become corrupted by casual sex, and ultimately
    3. Before you have children.
    This is why they have created so many distractions for young people:::sports, video games, popular music, the internet, shopping, parties, too much homework, materialism, anything that consumes their time::to ensure that doesn't ocurr. Not heeding the clues and warnings, getting wrapped up in your life and ultimately having children is a bad thing. Just as your parents and your grandparents, you too have failed. Having children is a sign you lost your chance.
    Parents need to sacrifice for their children. Your children are more important than you. They are the ones who have the opportunity now, and parents must sacrifice to ensure they give their children the very best chance they can. I recommend you apply yourselves to your children. I think this is the single best way for adults to try to redeem themselves in the eyes of the gods. Asking people to neglect their children emotionally is a sign they don't want you to go, and complying may finish the parents off for good. (Having gay children (children with gay experiences) is a clue parents complied with whatever was asked of them.) Improve your relationship with the gods and they may not ask in the first place or they may permit you the courage to say "No." to their requests.

    People need to repent for the things they've done wrong in life. Often they know what they have done was wrong (telling you telepthically to do these things was temptation and complying has hurt you/will limit your time). People need to attone for these things they've done wrong.
    There are other things that people have grown to believe are acceptable when in fact they are not:::::This society is designed to corrupt individuals, be it through materialism, the celebration/acceptance of evil (Halloween), desensitization of topics/images, voyerism/celebration of people's misery, the acceptance of casual/alternate sex, the dietization of a prophet (Jesus). People need to realize that the gods made this behavior socially acceptable to corrupt people society-wide and limit the time everybody receives, an important managerial strategy as we approach The End. You need to recognize this, see that this behavior is wrong and stop doing it. (Set a goal of empathy and compassion for all, for we are all disfavored::::Other people's disfavor is manifested in their particular way, just as your disfavfor is manifested in your particular way.)
    Somewhere in your family history one of your forefathers created an offense that cast your family into this pattern of disfavor, which perhaps is manifested in the evil you committ. Do your ancestral research::You should be knowledgeable about your family history. Clues in the history may arise that could assist you. Keep an open mind to every possibility for they suggest matriarchal lineage is the norm.
    Ask the gods for help, request guidance. I suspect they will offer you additional clues, and when you decipher these clues ask for forgiveness from those whom consider you an enemy.
    Don't forget to ask for forgiveness from the throne, the Counsel and the Management Team, for the source of all disfavor began with them:::they pushed or requested/complied your forefather into his offense and made his decendants evil. Perhaps they didn't like him or maybe your family was among those selected to pay for the entire village. We see this type of behavior today as they single out a family member to pay for the whole family and how they singled out Africa to pay for the human race. (Just like they utilize scapegoatting, justification and positioning as a matter of policy so do they make one pay for the benefit of another. Never have a negative thought about the gods. They are managing the universe. This is how they decided to execute strategy for the end of the world, a plan that was written likley millions of years ago or more. Try to purify your mind of these thoughts and recognize the urgency of improving your relationship with them.)
    Heal the disfavor with your enemies and with the Counsel/Management Team/ruling species, for the source of all disfavor began with them, the ability to forgive and respect in light of the disturbing truth revealed being the final test of the disfavored before they ascend.

    They say this final test costed up to 50% of the candidates in the past and I suspect it was EXTREMELY effective on the children. I want people to be forewarned, knowledgeable about the god's strategy, their plan for the "end of time" on Earth that we witness/experience and I want you to be in a state of forgiveness PRIOR to the date of your "test", for this is yet another tactic to limit the time of the disfavored.
    The gods place great importance in positioning, not just to conceal their involvement, ensuring people are deceived, receptive to temptation and aren't motivated to pray, but also to preserve the "final test"'s productivity, for I suspect it is very effective.

    This message illustrating the path may be the disfavored's last clue. All clues before have been more covert but this one is quite obvious indeed, which says time is running out.

    I understand they are updating people on my situation and I thought it best to clarify:::
    I have NOTHING to be thankful for. Perhaps that is why they created my situation the way it is:::::CHEATED me out of my life, left me with a abjectly devoid existance:::so I am willing to fuck god.
    They CHEATED me out of my youth to achieve this distraction on the scale of England's during the 80s and 90s. Unlike theirs mine may have been primarily telepathic. Of course they did both to keep people off the path as the Exodus of 2000 event approached (major event ocurred at end of each revelry cycle (20+-year war-revelry cycles in 20th century)).
    The god's positioning is such they sought to create and will achieve tragedy in my situation, likely to create ill will towards the gods (women), a la the "final test", for promises were made and this devolved into a sadistic, depraved situation for a disfavored audience. In many other cases they used me to corrupt others (men and women).
    Don't listen. Refuse updates. Much like all aspects of life in the 20th century (sports, TV, music, materialism) they use this to keep people off the path, especially important now that I illustrate it to you, for once you have finished receiving updates you will have forgotten about the path and be sent on your way. That is their goal.
    I suspect their threats of "rebirth" are going to come to fruition. Just as they said some sexist men are reincarnated as pigs so can they "reincarnate" people, likely just reverse of clone growth::as they can accellerate clone growth miraculously so can they do the reverse, reuse the body or beem the shrunken brain into a clone host (fetus, infant, toddler) and force the individual to endure life on Earth again.

    The gods use the Celtics as scapegoats, initiating the annual practice of wickedness on Halloween by creating this event a thousand years ago. They use it to justify making the widespread celebration of evil acceptable behavior among the disfavored of the 20th century.
    The celebration of Halloween has intensified as the Age of the Disfavored has become more pronounced and it is not by accident:::Holloween has changed in the last 50 years, its practice more widespread as time wore on, and Hollywood was used to justify making evil socially acceptable.
    Halloween is a terrible corruptor of children, as is Santa Claus (the similarity between the names "Santa" and "Satan" is no coincidence). The Celtic event is used to justify corrupting the children through the celebration of Halloween and is one reason explaining their disfavor; the gods created the corruption, impliment its practice and scpaegoat the disfavored from whence it came.
    I wonder if recent influence of the paganistic historical roots of the event is a way to legitimize the event among the disfavored, perhaps make it more inclusive (adults), create a sub-culture around paganism?
    You're the disfavored. Purism is the best course of action (the Ahmish in the United States is the clue suggesting this). You don't have breathing room to engage in hedonistic activities like Halloween.

    Irish men sign on to the "good 'ole boy's club" paternalistic type of mentality, an archaic dumping ground now designated for the grossly disfavored. It is celebrated in the pubs (a la "peer pressure") and it is used to compel them to feel superior to their women when just the opposite is true. Its rallying point is substance abuse which amplifies the problem.
    Up until the past four decades it was the men who filled the prisons, the men who made trouble, the men who caused problems. This is a sign women have the favor of the gods, are the decent and respectable among us. The first step is for the men to be aware of the difference and understand its implications:::females are better people and will get more time because of it.
    I recommend you stop engaging in this male-dominated behavior, for these activities exist to hurt the disfavored gender which is why they are targetted towards the men.
    The Irish trumpet the lack of a monarchy as their greatest truimph when in reality it's their most debilitating handicap. This is a good example of a "reverse clue" inflicted upon the disfavored.
    The presence of a monarchial system helped people understand the god's system and assisted them in thinking correctly. Its absence opened the door for the gods to instruct Artificial Intelligence to create a pathology of empowerment detrimental to the people. Understand humility. The Irish are the most disfavored of all white peoples (no monarchy, Catholic Church, passion for drinking, etc) and understanding your insignificance could become your greatest asset. Likley your substance abuse hurts you in this capacity as well.

    The English people's partaking of the tabloid's offerings, delighting in the misery of their own royal family, hurt the English people very badly at the end of the 20th century, as it hurts anybody when they enjoy another's misery.
    Please note the irony, a constant in the positioning of the gods.

    Affiliation with the Cathoic Church is ALWAYS a clue suggesting how disfavored a people are:::Italians, Irish, Filipinos, Latinos, etc.
    A disfavored culture which was permitted to escape Cathoicism had to pay a price:::::used Henry VIII ('s clone) to behead Ann (initiating men's mistreatment of women?), the gods followed his reign with Elizabeth I who promoted the "stiff upper lip" mentallity to the women of England (which Elizabeth II did as well. The gods chose this strategy as we approached the end of the critical 20th century::::as women go so goes the whole society.).
    The gods use Catholicism to justify hurting women of each culture it is inflicted upon:::Catholicism allows the gods the freedom to position justifying the masculinization of women. Women are favored, are the element of decency, and as they become more like the men the society becomes more disfavored, goes downhill.

    They refuse to address black disfavor on a macro level. The Counsel/Management Team/ruling species (the gods) abuse black people so hard, from east African drought/famine to AIDS in Africa, the crack epiemic to gang membership, black-on-black violence to mass incarceration of their young. They refuse to address the issue of the prison industrial complex and its wholesale warehousing of young black men.
    Prior to civl rights blacks had their own press.

    Christianity is a dumping ground for the disfavored.
    They share the gods didn't like Jesus for he helped the disfavored and taught them the right way to think:::to be loving, kind, forgiving, Be Christ-like!!!
    The gods turned a negative into a positive and twisted the concept, dietized the prophet and subsequently made Christianity's disfavored followers irrationally defensive, for they are so close to the path and otherwise could easily find their way.
    Every prophet can teach us something and we should be attentive to each.

    Therapists prey on others. They earn their livlihood capitalizing on another's disfavor, knowing disfavor is why they are experiencing problems.
    At some point in their lives they learn this truth. That point and time is the most crucial in their lives for if they make the wrong decision and stay in their industry/follow through with their education they hurt themselves very badly in the eyes of the gods.
    Directing them into the industry (create passion)/telling them to take this path/compliance is a way to incurr evil on otherwise very good people (if you understand the demographic), people who normally would get a great amount of time, and it ensurs their stay is minimized if and when they do go.

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